June 28, 2018

Recent Photos

The trails and campgrounds of our local forest, the San Juan National Forest, were closed for about 10 days because of the high danger of forest fires caused by very dry conditions and high winds.  As soon as that ban was lifted, I was able to hike to the high elevations again.  In spite of the dry conditions, there were enough wildflowers blooming to create some very nice views.  Here are a few photos that I took in the past few days. This first set is from the Cross mountain Trail.
Lizard Head Mountain
Old Man on the Mountain in bloom
Colorado Columbine, our state flower
Cross Mountain
A few days ago, I hiked the Hope Lake Trail, stopping to photograph Trout Lake on the way up to the trailhead. 
Trout Lake
A lovely waterfall on the trail.
Indian Paintbrush
Hope Lake is in the background of the photo below.  Because of the very dry weather, the lake is almost totally dried up.

Yesterday, back to a local nature preserve to see the lovely pincushion cactus in full bloom. 

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