March 29, 2018

Don Eduardo

Yesterday, my friend Sandy and I drove the hour over to Fort Lewis College in Durango to participate in a sacred shamanic ceremony with Peruvian paqo, or medicine person, don Eduardo Chura Apaza.  Don Eduardo comes from a long line of medicine people from the Q’ero villages in the high Andes of Peru.  A few years ago, he started coming to the US to do ceremonies, healing work, and to disseminate the sacred teachings of his people.  I first met him a year ago when he first came to our area.  He is putting together a network of contacts in the states, and will probably be coming again every year.  Wonderful! 

The Q’ero people live intimately connected to the quantum field, and in unity with the Earth Mother and all of her kingdoms.  They also do not relate well to the concept of an individual, as theirs is a unified group consciousness.  Because of this, don Eduardo found it difficult to answer some of the questions from the participants that were based on separation, competition, fear or the distortions of humanity as a whole. 

Just being in don Eduardo’s energy was transformational in itself.  In addition to simply radiating the essence of who he is at his core, he created a despacho, or sacred medicine bundle, to which everyone added all of the positive intents for ourselves and our greater communities. 

The despacho opened up a portal that brought higher dimensional energy into the room.
For the participants who were mesa carriers of the Peruvian traditions, a blessing for those sacred bundles was included.  

The whole event was quite a reminder for me that anyone can live this kind of life and merge their spiritual essence into everything that they do in the world.   All in all, a wonderful and transformative event!

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