February 6, 2018


The first stop on our trip was a visit to the great city of Teotihuacan, located outside of Mexico City.   What a nice way to start our adventure.  This ancient site is huge!  It encompasses 8 square miles, and at its height, 100,000 people lived there.  The “Avenue of the Dead” that goes through the length of the site is 40 m wide and 4 km long and is lined with numerous seating areas and platforms.  The highlights of this area are its 3 pyramids, those of the Sun, the Moon, and the Feathered Serpent.  Because the pyramids are so spread out, we bused between the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent and the other 2.  The photo above is taken from the Pyramid of the Moon with the Pyramid of the Sun further away on the left. The Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent cannot even be seen in the distance on the left side. 

In spite of the fact that it was pretty crowded with tourists when we were there, there was plenty of room for everyone to spread out.  Our first stop was at the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent, which is located in a courtyard big enough to accommodate 100,000 people.  The original ancient temple, once covered in feathered serpent motifs, has a more modern platform built in front of it perhaps to hide it from public view.   Also keep in mind that all of the pyramids that we visited on this trip were built in layers, with the smallest, oldest and innermost one holding the sacred energy and most likely built on a high energy location or energy vortex.  Burials and offerings were found associated with each additional layer.  These pyramids all have flat tops, mostly with some kind of structure built on the top, and were constructed with local stone.  In the case of Teotihuacan, this was basalt or volcanic rock. 
We walked around to the older pyramid, which was fenced off, so we couldn’t climb it.  It was decorated with many feathered serpent motifs. 

We then climbed up onto the platform in front to get a good look at the original pyramid behind it.  From that vantage point, I settled in, calmed my mind and felt into the energy.  It was very powerful and dynamic and quite a good feeling.   This was a place where one could easily recharge their own energy. The whole pyramid was broadcasting!  The origin of the energy was at ground level in the center.  If you research this pyramid, you can read about all of the strange things that were found there during excavation.  I am assuming that in addition to there being a natural vortex here, that sacred ceremonies were performed in that location before the actual building was constructed.  

We then took the bus further down to enter the “Avenue of the Dead” to experience the other 2 pyramids.  I could almost put myself in that location during one of the big ceremonies.  Thousands of people, all dressed in brightly colored clothing, in addition to the buildings covered with their original stucco and painted in bright colors.   It was a bit overwhelming! 

On to the Pyramid of the Moon.  It was built on top of a structure that is older than the pyramid of the Sun!  Visitors are only allowed to climb half way up this temple dedicated to the Goddess, and from that landing, the whole “Avenue of the Dead” can be seen. (see the first photo)  Energetically, the vortex of this pyramid originated in the center of the structure, halfway from the bottom to the top.  There was a strong steam of energy shooting up into space from that point, almost like a beacon.  Positive energy was also radiating out from the pyramid in all directions.  A very nice and mellow feeling.

After that, we wandered through some of the structures off to the side that contained some very nice murals. 

The last stop was the Pyramid of the Sun. 

As time was growing short, I was only able to climb up partway to the top.  Here was a very different type of energy.  As I have already written, I like to pause, relax, tune in and receive.  The first energy I got was one of death.  I asked “whose death?”  Turns out, it was not the energy of those who may have been sacrificed there, but instead, those who died building the pyramid.  It was almost as if the structure was cursed with all of those accidental deaths. 

Not pleasant at all, and from where I was standing, I could not detect any kind of vortex.  So, then back to the bus and our trip to Tula before the end of the day. 


  1. Hi there! Lovely writing! My husband and I recently visited this site and it was so amazing! However when I was there, I was spiritually drawn to the pyramid of the moon. I was so excited to see it and feels its energy, however with our guide he started us with the feathered serpent and then the sun. While climbing the sun, yes i know altitude and thin air, but much like you the sickness felt deep if others. It was crazy. I had been in the city a week to acclimate and not in terrible shape. It absolutely drained me. By the time I got to the moon I could only sit at the bottom of it. I was not able to recover after the pyramid of the sun and was so upset because I couldnt understand why. I want to go back some day and start with the moon and experience the energy of it from the top. This really made me think it wasn't only my fault the sun energy drained me!

    1. I was happy to recover at the bottom of the moon some, but I still feel like if I wouldve climbed it, I could have recovered better from the positive energy it had. I also have found out my native indigenous ancestors link back to this area. I felt very connected to it all!