December 3, 2017

Are We Lost?

The other day when I was talking to my sister on the phone, the topic of retirement came up.  She, along with several of her friends, are rapidly approaching the time when they will no longer be working at their current jobs, and are at a loss as to how to occupy themselves when they are no longer working. 

Why would this issue be coming up?  After all, I find that life on earth offers endless opportunities for interesting experiences and creative possibilities.  Why wouldn’t everyone feel this way?  It is also important to acknowledge that we are not our jobs, or any other pastime that we are “doing”.  We are our “being” nature, who we are at our deepest core.  Having that connection to our Inner Selves, inner guidance and Higher, or Greater Selves insures that we are in our groove at all times.  We are then organically guided to what we should truly be doing, no matter what stage of life we are in.

Unfortunately, without this connection, we humans tend to be lost, floating through life, and running on a mechanical version of auto pilot most of the time.  One of the results of this is the over use of all things AI to stave off the boredom of life.  I am talking about smart phones, fake news, television, and any information that comes through WiFi driven sources.  We are ripe for the picking, so to speak!  We have lost our personal power and autonomy. 

So, I asked my guidance about how our connection to our true selves got disconnected.  This morning in meditation, I was led to the DNA as the place to start.  This is what has happened to us.  We are all a product of about 100 genetic lineages, half from our mother and half from our father.  All of these lineages are subject to distortion.  By the same token, distortions can be healed, so that our DNA is an energetic system that is in flux from time to time.  It is malleable. At certain times in these inherited lineages, events have happened that cut us off from our true selves.  These could have been personal traumas, natural planetary disasters, or from off planet sources that wished to control us.  To me, the effect of these events on the DNA look and sound like garage doors slamming down. 

Using the process that I taught in the “Tools for Transition” workshop that I did for Rise Multiversity entitled “Spiraling Through Your DNA”, I set my intent to clear one of my lineages that held the distortions of disconnect.  What started out as the healing of a single lineage rapidly expanded out to looking at and addressing all of my lineages!  I could see all of the doors that had slammed shut.  These disconnects were not at the same time and place throughout all lineages, either.  They were all over the place!  We as humans on this planet have experienced a cumulative disconnect coming down to the present time where it now has the biggest effect.  No wonder we are lost and asleep and bored, and no wonder that we have become prey to the forces of domination and control. 

As soon as I saw the extent of this, I blasted all of my lineages with the energy of my Core Essence, using the intent that all of these blockages be cleared.  I kept it up as long as I could.  Perhaps a bit too much as I was quite spaced out afterwards as a result.  It took a couple of hours to recover so that I could write this post.  I know that we can reconnect organically to our guidance systems once blockages are cleared.  This process might need to be done several times to get it all, and of course, your intent to reconnect to yourself will take you a long way with this.  If you haven’t listened to this specific workshop, I encourage you to purchase it at the Rise store here.  It is Part 7 of the “Tools for Transition” workshops. If you participated in the original broadcast, I encourage you to listen again.  We all need to be awake, aware and internally connected to be able to move forward with our missions here on planet earth! 

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