April 17, 2017

Fun Times in Phoenix

Usually when you do not hear from me for a bit, it means that I have gone out of town for some R & R.  Such was the case last week when I traveled down to Phoenix, Arizona to hang out with 2 long time girlfriends that I haven’t seen for several years.  Greta was my roommate for all of my shamanic trainings, and she has lived in Tempe for well over 30 years.  Lynn is a friend of mine from Illinois, and she just relocated to Phoenix to be near her son and his family.  Needless to say, there was much discussion and debate about the weather in that area, as the temps got up to 91° a few times while I was there, and would definitely go higher as the spring and summer seasons progress. 

I cannot emphasize enough that it is important for the spiritually evolving among you to live in an area that your physical body likes.  The climate must be to the body’s liking, including humidity, temperature, even wind patterns.  I like to live in a 4 season location, but many people do not like to be in the cold and snow. Population density should be considered, too, especially if you are a sensitive person.  Even the length of the days during certain times of the year can make a difference.  That is why I moved to SW Colorado from Montana.  The winters were just too dark and dreary, and I realized that I needed much more sunlight.

Anyway, during my week in Arizona, we really packed in the activities.  It was go, go, go every day.  I told Lynn that she would need a vacation after I left to decompress from our fun time.  Below are photos of the places we visited.  You will see the best of the bunch and one of each, as I took around 500 photos.  I am getting ready to go out into the canyonlands of SE Utah next week with my archeoastronomy friends.  Photos of that will be forthcoming!
Desert Botanical Garden

Heard Museum

Buddhist Stupa in Sedona 

Oak Creek in Sedona

Arcosanti, an intentional community designed by Paolo Soleri
Samurai Warrior exhibit at the Phoenix Art Museum
Hiking part way up Camelback Mountain
Odysea Aquarium
Taliesin West, Frank Lloyd Wright's winter studio in Scottsdale
An interesting tidbit here--My friend Lynn's birthday was on April 11th, and part of the reason for picking that week to visit was to celebrate with her. Both Paolo Soleri of Arcosanti and Frank Lloyd Wright died on April 9th, 54 years apart.

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