April 24, 2017

Dizzy Week

Last week was pretty crazy and unusual for me.  About a week ago, I started having some vertigo off and on, and lots of nausea.  It got so bad that I couldn’t drive, and had to have a friend pick me up and take me to the chiropractor.  He wasn’t quite sure what was going on, but gave me an adjustment and did the Epley Maneuver on me.  That helped tremendously, and a few days later, I finally got back to normal.  Turns out that the issue was probably an inner ear thing, where the small crystals in the ear get displaced somehow, and vertigo is the result.  Luckily, the Epley Maneuver can be done on oneself at home, which I continued to do after seeing the chiropractor.  It is for realigning those inner ear crystals to restore balance.  What caused this?  Could have been the plane flight a few days before, or even a rapid head movement during Zumba class.  Anyway, all better now!

I was also thinking about certain events that could throw humanity into this kind of dizzy, disoriented and ungrounded state.  Pole shift perhaps?  Energy weapon?  We would all be disabled immediately.  That’s kind of a creepy thought.

This experience gave me great sympathy for those who suffer from vertigo or dizziness.  What a pain!  All you can do is sit around and try to keep your head upright without making any sudden moves.  As I am very active all day long, I found that condition quite restricting.  What if one is paralyzed or restricted to a wheel chair, or bedridden?  This was a good reminder that quite often, we can be prisoners of our own physical bodies.  We are not victims of the body, however, as any such restriction is part of our plan, and there is something to be learned and gained from any physical issue.  It is highly recommended, however, that the body be nurtured and taken care of to the best of our ability, as it is the temple for our spirit and our vehicle for spiritual evolution in physicality.   

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