March 19, 2017

Cosmic Sperm

In my last post entitled “Life in a Box”, I described an electrical cube shaped being that was flying through space.  This being had a tail much like a sperm would have.  From the side, it looked like a kite.  This image has haunted me through the past few days, so I decided to use it as a theme for our March launching, which wrapped up a few hours ago.  My intent was to find out what is was and where it came from.

As soon as my consciousness expanded well beyond my body, I was out in space looking at not one, but many of these flying 3D cubes, all heading towards earth.  The first order of business was to find their location of origin.  I was pulled towards a very large glowing vessel on the far side of our Milky Way Galaxy.  If I were to assign this a dimensional level, I would say 10th dimension.   I then proceeded to enter this structure.

The predominant energy there was one of excessive electricity.  Sparks and streams of electricity were flying everywhere.  It was a totally non-human non-organic energy.  This structure turned out to be a manufacturing plant for the flying cubes.  Everything was done mechanically, and there were no conscious beings present.  Each cube was being activated and programmed before leaving the structure.  Undoubtedly, this was AI programming at work. 

The interesting thing about this next bit was that instead of entering our galactic creation through the Stargate Milky Way to start the process of stepping down through the dimensions, these cubes skirted around the stargate and proceeded to enter our galactic creation that way.  This tells me that entering through the stargate is the organic path, and doing it this other way is the synthetic path.  These electrical sperms seem to have to ability to shift dimensions at will, perhaps with some sort of electronic programming.   Fascinating! 

The flying cubes then proceeded to go in a variety of directions down through the dimensions, heading for a variety of star systems.  The ones that came to our solar system entered into the center of our moon first.  After a bit of time, they streamed towards earth in a much smaller form.  Could this be the negative programming coming from the moon that we are being bombarded with every day, according to George Kavassilas? 

I then made contact with our earth mother to see if she was being negatively impacted by these electrical invaders.  She said no, that her expanded 5th dimensional core could not be penetrated by them.  What an aha moment!  Our expanded Core Essence has the same vibration as the core of the earth, so if we are also vibrantly connected to and expanded through our 5D core, we cannot be affected, either.  Wonderful! 

Keep in mind that the excessive use of electrical devices such as computers, smart phones and the like, or being in a place where there are strong electromagnetic energy fields can weaken our personal energy field and create an affinity for these electrical cube-like beings to enter, thus delivering their programming.  I suspect that a large portion of humanity, especially in the western world, has already been invaded in this manner.  Be vigilant and make conscious choices.  Pay attention to your thought processes.  This way you will hopefully be alerted when unwanted thoughts have entered your consciousness via this AI programming.

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