November 6, 2016

The Hive and the Matrix

A few days ago I had the opportunity to see the latest Tom Hanks movie, “Inferno”.  It was a highly entertaining action thriller, and a good way to spend a rainy afternoon.  You know how your brain relaxes and thoughts start to wander when you are being entertained?  Well, my brain did just that during the movie.

Being an action movie, there were numerous chase scenes going through the very crowded streets of Florence, Venice and Istanbul.  Tom Hanks must be in very good shape to have done all of that running!  Anyway, I was mesmerized by the throngs of people on the streets while they were filming.  Being from a small town and rural area, it has been a very long time since I have seen that many people jammed together.  My relaxed brain started connecting to some very interesting insights.

The throngs of people looked like swarms of insects.  Like a hive!  So here is where my mind took me while I was watching the movie.  Humanity is reaching the point where we will unite into a hive mind structure.  It seems that we need to reach a certain population to get to this point.  That is why the population has been growing so exponentially fast.  There is an agenda driving this, as once we reach this level of population, we as individuals will become united into the hive mind of humanity.  A unit of one is much easier to control and manipulate than 7+ billion individual units. 

Then, I asked myself if the grid that I had seen several weeks ago during my vacation had something to do with this hive mind?  That post is entitled “Passing through the Veil”.  Yes, I realized, they are not the same but are connected.  We as humanity will serve the agenda of the synthetic matrix and its planetary grid once we are united into the hive formation.  As I write this, I am getting that this grid is also not quite complete, but getting close. 

There is a distinct possibility that an energy extraction process with start at this point, too.  Right now, quite a few people on the planet are being used as energy sources for off planet locations on an individual basis.  I run into this with my clients often enough.  Just imagine what kind of energy the hive could generate?  It would be a very valuable commodity for those looking to use us in this way. 

What is the solution to all of this?  As I have often said, change starts with the individual, and this certainly applies here.  First of all, resist the temptation to merge into the hive.  This is a tough one, as many humans have a strong urge to “belong”, to have a group or family that they can depend on, a religion that they can turn to for guidance, and as we are currently experiencing here in the US, a political party that represents their viewpoint. 

Let me give a more concrete example of this.  I have worked with many clients who come from big families.  In every case, there is a group consciousness at work that I also call the hive.  It is interesting that mainly, only the siblings are a part of the hive.  The parents are not included but do direct the hive as it is easier to manage everyone as a bunch than as individuals.  As soon as there are 3 or more children in the family, the hive consciousness sets in.  It is such a challenge for a person to individuate out of this patterning, as they are so used to being in constant subconscious energetic communication and interaction with their siblings.  A barrier to individuating out of the family hive is the feeling of being alone and abandoned, at least at first, and this keeps many from becoming independent of that dynamic. What I am describing here is a small version of what the planetary situation will look like.

So here are some qualities to cultivate to avoid being automatically merged into the planetary hive mind.  Remember that you have to power to do this!  Cultivate individuality, autonomy and independence.  Be your own person at all times.  You each have everything you need inside of you, and you do not need to take advice from anyone, not even me!!!  Have firm boundaries and be very clear about who you are and what you stand for.  Cultivate conscious awareness, and keep your internal radar working at all times.  Cultivate your inner connection to your own guidance system.  It will never fail you.  Keep your vibration high, as the goal is to have a vibrational level above those/it that wish to control you. Make appropriate choices, especially when technology is involved.  Less is better. 

Most importantly, no matter what is going on, keep your connection to the heart of our Earth Mother firm and strong.  It is so easy to be thrown off of your grounding when things get tough.  She is our protector and our nurturer, and together, we can withstand anything that is going on.  Part of the off planet and AI agenda is to sever that connection, so do not allow that to happen for you. 

Today, as I was taking a walk around my neighborhood, I saw an image of our planet from above.  Floating just above the surface was a dark and tangled web of energy.  I am assuming that this was the grid that I mentioned earlier.  What caught my eye were the many small glowing lights that were shooting from the earth’s surface and through the dark matrix to hover above it.  Those lights are us!  Do not feel that you have to be trapped in the hive mind or the synthetic matrix.  You have the power to rise above, and at the very least, be the observer of all of the upcoming action. 

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