July 18, 2016

The Energy of Separation

Yesterday, our local launching group came over to my house for our monthly activity.  It had been several months since our whole group was together at one time, so I was really looking forward to getting together.  For the past several launchings, I really did not have a firm intent up until I was actually launched.  Not this time, as I had been already been intuitively focusing in on the intent for my launch.   

As soon as I heard about the Bastille Day tragedy in Nice, France, where at least 84 people were killed by a man driving a very large truck through the holiday crowd, my curiosity led me to check into the perpetrator’s energy field.  My immediate reaction was that this was not something that a human would do, and that there was some sort of entity involved.  In addition, I kept seeing a very thin but black and tar like layer of energy surrounding our planet but far out into space. 

So, my intent for the launch this time was easy to determine.  I wanted to know what was going on, especially since there have been many other incidents around the world similar to this.  Immediately upon launching, I found myself at the Milky Way Galaxy.  There was a very thin tar like stream of energy coming out of the center of the galaxy.  This stream went straight to the earth and coated an “invisible” layer that surrounded our planet, kind of like a black egg shell. 

Then I saw that there were multiple thin streams of energy coming down from this black layer, and heading towards a variety of individuals on the planet.  Once one of these streams would attach to the individual, their heart area would turn all black in an expanding manner.  It is important to note that this was happening only to those individuals who resonated with this black energy.  There were no random targets.  Prior to this happening, these individuals were very damaged and disturbed, but still considered human in every respect.

The next observation was very interesting indeed.  While these thin streams of black energy were seeking their targets, they were being observed with quite a bit of amusement by 4th dimensional malevolent entities.  Once the black stream attached to its target, that gave the entities and open door to also attach to that person.  Thus, this led to what I would call a state of possession of that person, and the malevolent entity could work through that person to create all sorts of havoc. 

At that point in my journey, my time was up.  I still had unanswered questions, so I did a second launch to clarify.  Back to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy I went.  I witnessed the being there who was sending the black tar like stream of energy to the earth.  Remembering that this is a creative birthing area for our galaxy, everything that comes out of the galactic core has a purpose for our evolution.  The being in charge of this energy labeled it the “energy of separation”.  Wow!!  Does this say it all as far as the situation that we are in here on earth at this time!  Clearly one of our challenges during this time of transition is to work with this energy and transcend its limitations. 

Quick focus back to earth, and I saw that in addition to the thin black streams attaching to certain individuals there were larger black streams were attaching to certain places on the surface, creating the same kind of playgrounds for the dark side.  In between these were areas that were untouched by the darkness.  In addition, the heart core of out Earth Mother was still as healthy and vibrant as ever, and glowed strongly.  This glow went all the way to the surface of the planet in the areas that were untouched by the dark energy. 

So, you can each interpret this as you will.  It certainly explains a lot about the state of our society right now.  Bottom line, it is up to each individual to take care of their own issues and keep their energy field clean and clear of distortions.  Things will not get any easier here any time soon.

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  1. Quite interesting info here, Carla, especially in the wake of the sudden death of an MK ULTRA 'supersoldier' the other day named Max Spiers, who, according to his host in Poland where he was giving interviews, said he started having black stuff coming out of (presumably) his mouth (and maybe nose?)... then hours later he went unconscious and died, at the young age of 38.

    I don't know a LOT of his story, but he was one of the children recruited into the military black ops, raised under severe torture and insane satanic brainwashing (ie "pain is good; pleasure is bad" [everything is reversed]) in their upbringing to be assassins who get 'triggered' with various words to suddenly go spraying bullets everywhere, having no conscious awareness of what's going on. Totally splintered minds, in other words; Manchurian Candidates.

    Max had apparently been making heroic efforts to CLEAR himself of a lifetime of insane & dark programming, and had been giving a whole flurry of 'whistle-blower' interviews over the past few months as part of his effort to shed light on what's going on here in black ops (and "terrorist attacks"). Then suddenly: black stuff pours out of him, and pfft; dead. He told his host in Poland that he felt he was under astral attack.

    Two days later I'm here reading your post. Beyond the possible connection to Max's demise, I'm wondering if there's connection to the "black goo" phenomenon, which is certainly a mind-bender in itself; "conscious malevolent black goo" engineered to flow along lei lines of Earth, to mess with Earth's natural energy system that sustains life here. By the time I'd heard about this particular weirdness, it had supposedly already been cleared and was gone (who knows??). Now I'm wondering if it just changed locations.

    SO MUCH STUFF to try to figure out in the grand scheme! Sorry my comment is so 'dark' but, well, dark is happening. Thanks for sharing your experience.