June 30, 2016

An Organic Shift

As most of you might have noticed, my posts have gradually gotten fewer and farther between.  It’s not that things are not happening in our inner and outer worlds, but that I am not getting a strong urge to write about them right now.  As I took a nice walk around my neighborhood this morning, I tapped into the energetic of this change in activity. 

The structure of this shift in energetic activity showed up this morning as a sine wave.  Sometimes I am pushing ahead and up to reach the peak of the wave, and sometimes I am gliding easily down to the trough.  Then the action repeats.  So it seems that I have hit a peak and I am now gliding down to the low or slow point.  This feels very organic to me, and who knows how long it will take for the upswing to start.  The focus now will be more internal than external.  Everyone needs that from time to time, too!

A few things have also been taking place on internal levels.  One of the major struggles in my life has been trying to balance the hermit within me with the opposite polarity of the public persona.  I was extremely shy as a child, and yet often found myself being pushed to the front of the class, or a club or organization to speak, take charge, or take on some important task.  As I have gotten older, I’ve gotten much more comfortable with this and also realized that the hermit in me was not a healthy persona to take on full time.  Even now, however, the hermit does come up, especially since I do occasionally need private quiet time to regroup.  I have to honor this and not fight against it, and of course, balance is always the key. 

This does not mean that I am “retiring”!  Posts will still keep coming, but only when I have something important to write about, which could be sooner or later!  I just have to wait and see what shows up.   I have also scheduled 2 more Rise Multiversity “Tools for Transition” workshops on July 16th and August 27th.  That will wrap up the series nicely, and then I will allow guidance to point the way to where my work with Rise will take me. 

Some of you may also be experiencing this right now, so it may not be just me.  It may be the calm before the storm, or an effect from the very hot weather we have been having here in the southwest lately.  The upswing will show up eventually, and rest assured that I will continue to post when guided.  I do prefer quality over quantity, don't you? 

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