March 3, 2016

Tools for Transition Workshop Part 6

My next “Tools for Transition” workshop will take place on Saturday March 12th at 2 PM Pacific/5 PM Eastern Time here in the US.  The topic for this Part 6 workshop will be “The Journey through Death and Beyond”.  To purchase your ticket for this workshop, go here.
The whole process of physical death and what happens to the human soul and spirit after one leaves the body for the last time has been a subject of intense interest for me since I started my shamanic training years ago.  It is the shaman’s task to assist the dead and dying in their final process, and to make sure that these souls do not get stuck in unnecessary suffering on the way to their destination in the afterlife.  For all of us, especially now in our current stage of evolution, the moment of death and immediately beyond that may be the most important moment and choice point of this current lifetime.  

Because of my extensive experience and interest in this subject, I have been able to map the places that one can go to upon leaving the body for the last time.  There are many options, twists and turns to this journey depending upon the level of clarity, consciousness, vibration and ultimate destination that the newly freed spirit has.  Of course, the first task of the spirit is to clear the 4th dimensional matrix once and for all.  

There are as many ways to die as there are people on this planet.  How this happens at the end for each individual depends on their state of health, their attachment to people and things, their psychological state of mind, in addition to the cause of death whether it is slow and painful, quick and violent, or in one’s sleep.  I may briefly touch on this, but my focus will be on what happens once one exits the body.  

During this 2 hour workshop, I will cover this fascinating and essential topic in addition to leading at least one journey that will map the pathway from 3rd dimensional physicality all the way through the exit portal at the top of our universe.  Please join me for this exciting and essential experience.  

Just for kicks--from the sacred site at Palenque, Mexico! 


  1. Hi Carla,

    Thank you for this amazing workshop. The journey really did put things into a new perspective.