January 18, 2016

Eye on the Prize

This past weekend was a busy one for me.  On Saturday I taught the “Tools for Transition” Part 4 workshop, which was very well received by all who attended.  Yesterday, Sunday, our launching group met in the morning for our monthly activity.  Needless to say, after days of holding the space and preparing for the workshop, I was a bit tired and feeling somewhat disconnected from my path.  It also might have had something to do with my additional activities the week before—3 snowshoeing outings and Zumba classes on the days that I was not snow shoeing.  Maybe I over did it???

Anyway, I was tuning in to the disconnect as I was trying to determine what my intent for the launching would be.  Certainly I love what I do, and always strive to keep a balance in my activities, especially involving the many distractions of the 3 D world.  And just because I am primarily doing work that serves the healing and evolution of others does not mean that those activities can’t get out of balance, too. 

As I contemplated my launching intent, I realized that I had become disconnected from my final end goal for this lifetime.  It is always there, of course, as it is for all of us, but having too much going on and too many distractions can divert one from their path.  The path to the end goal should be easy, simple, clean and clear.  It also helps to know what the end goal is!  One can always ask, and the answer will be provided by one’s higher aspects.  In my book “Traversing the Infinite Now”, I have an exercise that teaches you how to meet and work with your Personal Guide.  This is an excellent way to get answers to some of life’s spiritual dilemmas!

So as I was launched, my intent was to reconnect with my end goal for this lifetime.  No surprise that I was rapidly transported “Home”.  You can read all about my first journey there in the 3 posts I wrote starting here.   As I entered that golden and peacefully sublime place, I also received a message that said that I was going through some recycling.  OK.  That is always a good thing.  One of the major themes of the Part 4 workshop was dropping baggage, so I guess I was dropping some of my own during the launch. An additional message said that after I finally reach this place at the end of my earthly sojourn, and after a period of R & R, I will shoot out from home in an entirely new direction.  Where I will end up then, I have no idea. 

I re-anchored myself to the “Home” location before coming back, and that place is once again firmly rooted in my consciousness.  I have often said that life here is not about the goal, but about the process that is used to reach that goal.  Growth is achieved by putting one foot in front of the other day by day and dealing with what shows up to the best of your ability.  On the other hand, if there is no sense of where you are going, a lot of time is wasted just floating along.  We need a balance between the two.  If you know where you are going and keep your “Eye on the Prize”, in other words, your goal, success will be achieved in a neater, more timely, and more direct way without a lot of thrashing about.  That always sounds better to me! 

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  1. You dedicate this song for me maybe? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Celine Dion - If That's What It Takes