December 30, 2015

I Feel Like an Alien!

Today I feel like I am an alien on planet earth.  It is a feeling of disconnect, as if I am just a temporary resident who owes allegiance to the land that I just arrived from.  I know that a lot of you live with this feeling every day, but normally, I do not.  It could be because we have been snowed in here in SW Colorado for most of the past week, and I have only been going out on the roads to buy groceries a few times and to go snow shoeing once.  It could also be that I am picking up on the energy of a client who has some very heavy duty psychological issues that I will be working on in a few hours.  Fortunately, it is warming up and I will be going out for sushi and the Star Wars movie with a friend tonight.  As I write this, I realize that I could be picking up on the theme of the movie, too.   So we have multiple possible causes at work here.

I have written about how to track where odd feelings are coming from before, and I am certain that by the end of the day, I will have a handle on this.  In almost all cases, once the event or issue has transpired and been processed, the distressing feelings and emotions dissipate, so I will wait and see how I feel after the movie.

In a very literal sense, however, we are all aliens on this planet.  Our physical bodies were genetically manipulated into the form we have today by off planet races, and our souls all have experiences in other realms prior to arriving here.  I have worked with many clients who feel this alien sense acutely and have a very difficult time fully participating in earth life, or being engaged and present most of the time.  It is a big catch 22 as we need to be fully anchored and comfortable in our bodies for our soul’s work here, yet many are constantly fighting the urge to flee.

So a question comes up.  As we get closer to our “graduation” and going home, do we normally feel less and less like we belong here?  It makes sense that we would as the future always informs the present.  There is a higher part of our consciousness that is outside of time and space, and sees very clearly our future.  Will it become harder and harder to maintain a grip on “reality” as our time to leave approaches?  Is it possible that the friction being generated by this tug of war between being here fully and being pulled to our destiny can also contribute to the escape velocity that we need to exit the 4D arena for the last time?  What a wild ride it will be! 


  1. Hope you enjoyed the movie, Carla. The forces between light and dark resonate clearly in our lives here on Earth.

    I understand what you are saying here and have often wished to go home (wherever that may be). However, while I feel the desire to depart, at my core, I know there is still more for me to accomplish here and I must engage and participate with others. As hard as it may be and difficult to understand what is happening around me, I'm along for the ride and to go with the flow!

    I volunteered to be an alien on Earth to help others in their evolution. Thank you so much for your words of wisdom.


  2. Thanks so much for your comments Jillene. You are also expressing what many feel. Loved the Star Wars movie, but still feeling like an alien today. Oh well!