August 30, 2015

Holding Sacred Space

Now that the Rise Multiversity workshop of last night is behind me, I can get back to a more regular routine of posting.  Creating even a 2 hour workshop takes quite a bit of time, and I think that the effort was well worth it.  Everything went smoothly, and the feedback has been positive.  We are off to a great start, and there will be many more workshops to come! 

Part of my responsibility for the group was creating and holding a container of sacred space. This spherical container of higher dimensional energy not only unites the individuals as a group, but it provides a boundary of protection.  The sacred space within will also process or “eat “ up some of the heavy energy that is normally brought in by the participants. 

Most of the time, I do not start working on the group container until a day or two before the actual class or workshop.  This time, it started happening automatically a week before.  I wrote about this happening in the previous post.  I started perceiving myself inside a very big bubble of higher dimensional energy, and knew right away what it was. 

The way I create this container in the first place is by expanding my core essence and intending that the energy of the individuals in the group be included.  I monitor and re expand this container as needed in the days before the class.  By doing that the energy fields of all involved get worked on ahead of time as is appropriate for each individual.

One thing that happened right before the workshop started was that a small blob of black energy attempted to pierce the skin of the container.  I do not know what that was, but I firmly told it that it did not belong there and asked it to leave.  I did push it out by expanding the sacred container a bit more, and then it left and did not come back. 

When I lead guided exercises or meditations during a class, I do not just lead, I also participate along with the students.  That way, I can make quick adjustments or changes according to what is happening with the students as individuals or the group as a whole.  Sometimes something new shows up altogether, so I just go with that, too.   

The topic of yesterday’s workshop involved grounding into the core of Mother Earth.  I led the group through the grounding exercise 3 times.  The second time we did this, I also grounded the group sacred container.  It looked like a big turnip that was growing a giant root down into the earth!   The third time I led the grounding exercise, our group container became as big as the earth herself. As our spherical container overlaid with the energy field of the planet, I could see several layers forming, much like the layers of an onion.  So some of this was very new to the way I have contained groups in the past. 

Now how all of this affected the participants personally, I do not know.  I do know that each and every one received the imprinting of having an energy field as big as the planet.  That may come in handy some day.

Looks like I will not be presenting the Tools for Transition workshop Part II until later in October.  Right now, the topic will probably include working with expanding one’s core essence to create sacred space.  Stay tuned! 

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