August 16, 2015

August Launch

Today, Sunday, our local group got together for our regular launching.  One member has been out of town for almost the whole summer, but we still had enough people for our favorite group activity.  It’s always good to catch up with each other’s lives, too. 

I have been very curious about the incoming energies that I wrote about previously, so I used that topic as the intent for my launch.  Keep in mind that I received no time frame for all of this, only a broad sense of what is happening. 

Even before I was launched, information started to drift into my consciousness.  As soon as I expanded my core essence and was propelled out into space, I found myself looking down at the Milky Way Galaxy.  Then, I traveled to the center of the MWG to dialog with this great female consciousness.  Here are the impressions that I picked up on.  Every number of years, she sends out a pulse of energy that radiates out from her core in all directions, but mostly along the plane of her ecliptic.  It looks the ripples on a pond after a stone has been tossed into the water. 

This is a time of shedding and resetting of all of the heavy energy that has built up in her body, so to speak.  My impression is that this is the 26,000 year cycle that is frequently mentioned as the amount of time that the precession of the equinoxes takes to return to its starting point, and so she does this once every 26,000 years more or less. 

When the time is right, she sends out that pulse, which pushes all of the built up heavy energy farther and farther out from her core.  It also looks like there is a gradual build up of this heavy energy along her outer edges.  Coincidentally, our solar system is located on the outer edge of our galaxy, so is this the reason for the compression, acceleration and build up of heavy energy that humanity and our planetary system is currently experiencing?  It’s like a giant log jam that needs to pile up before being released in a giant swoosh! 

Part of the galactic shedding and resetting involves a brief moment where time disappears all together.  The Time Lords who live in the galactic core have been dissolving for some time now.  At this moment of no time, they will cease to exist for a moment before they start to reassemble themselves again, perhaps generating a different version of time.  That may explain why carbon dating may not be the most accurate method to determine the age of something, as time has not been the same throughout the ages. 

At my second launching, I really felt the love our galaxy has for all of her creations.  She is truly the Great Mother.  It is with this love that she will be assisting all to achieve a new start, scrubbed clean.  I am not talking about erasure or annihilation here, but a return to a clean pure pristine state. Zero point, perhaps?  What a gift!  She will then resume her duties of modulating the energies that come and go through her 9th dimensional stargate.  I could even see the earth’s axis straightening up. 

As I looked down from above our galaxy, I could see this wave or pulse gradually pushing out from the center outwards.   It has not yet reached us, and I do not know when that will happen.  It does seem pretty clear that we are experiencing the leading edge of this pulse in addition to the buildup of the heavy energy that she is ejecting from her core outwards.  Our bodies are the microcosm of this galactic event, and it behooves each one of us to do our own ejecting of heavy energy patterns before we are overwhelmed by our own unresolved stuff. 

Referring to this brief moment of no time, is this the opening that many of us are waiting for to transition out of our galaxy and possibly out of our universe?  It might occur in the midst of great turmoil on the planet, so keep your head on straight and pay attention.  You don’t want to miss it. 

Coincidentally, one of the other launchers will be starting a new job as a teacher on the Navajo reservation tomorrow.  Her intent was to gather advice on how to hold the energetic space for her new class.  When we compared notes on our launchings, she reported being shown that she could expand her own energy field and “throw the stuff out” of her space.  Just like our Milky Way Galaxy is doing.  Microcosm and macrocosm at work.

I wouldn’t be surprised if something happened near the end of September, but probably not this galactic pulse reaching earth.  It may be more in line with the buildup of heavy energy that is attempting to overwhelm us before the big shoosh clears it.  Wait and see. 


  1. Wow I can't wait hope it doesn't hurt to much.😊😊😊

  2. And what happens to the heavy energy? It doesn't make sense to me that it just moves around. It has to be transformed.

  3. My sense is that it does get moved out further or transformed in some way. I didn't get that far in my journey to see what happens next.

  4. Wow ! Thanks for the info ! It is true the core organic energy from our hearts expands by the hour ( on my experience Nov 2011 ) , it is in a circular manner just like our milky way galaxy rotates, it seems to slow down its expansion after three days but still goes on bursting form time to time.... Have not figure out what is with the full ethereal energy blast experience in 3 consecutive days. This is what George Kavassilas told us that we can stand on our ground ! Thanks a lot , appreciate a lot your mapping guidance ! Thank you so much also Mother Milky Way !!!!