June 12, 2015

Mind Games

This is a request that I often hear from clients.  “Please pull me out of the synthetic matrix.”  That is easier said than done.  My standard response is that only the client can do that for themselves.  It is a gradual process involving the adjustment of one’s lifestyle, habits, beliefs and the continual making of conscious choices that keeps one on the organic path.  As those of you who have worked with me know, there are individual aspects of self that are stuck in the synthetic matrix and will show up in a healing session according to the client’s theme for the session.  These stuck aspects will be retrieved, but are by no means the bulk of what is stuck there. 

I do believe that I have uncovered yet another aspect of the synthetic matrix that has invaded our lives, and has been unknowingly derailing many a sincere seeker’s spiritual progress.  I am talking about the reliance on the mind, the intellect and information to guide spiritual progress.  Certainly, one does need a certain amount of information to help point the way, but this is only one aspect of what is required for true transformation and evolution, and a very small part indeed!

So I started thinking about the extreme difficulty that so many people have staying in their bodies and maintaining a firm connection to the heart of our Earth Mother.  After all, shouldn’t that be our primary organic connection?  Could it be that the synthetic matrix has created a dependency on information and concepts to keep minds distracted from the organic connections that really count? 

When working with clients, I very often come across a big fundamental disconnect from body knowingness and/or inner guidance within them.  No wonder people turn to external information to guide them instead.  There can be an inability to receive that guidance or a lack of trust in it when it does come through.  A big part of my job is to help them reconnect internally by clearing what is blocking those connections.  Then the guidance and body knowingness can start to guide them through life and on their spiritual path as well.

This is where we come to the synthetic matrix part of the issue.  When one is not connected internally or grounded to the core of the earth, all of the activity of one’s energy field tends to be up in the head.  The mind spins, overworks things, and can have a need for more and more information, as if that ever solved anything.  What a huge distraction!  Add that to the general lack or mistrust of guidance, and the person is quite open to the fear based programming and misinformation being pumped in from the matrix, and is designed to derail personal autonomy and sovereignty.  Beware, as spiritual leaders and teachers can be running more of a mental/information based dynamic, too, which may not be helpful to one’s energetic healing and spiritual progress. 

I consider the mind to be in the realm of the masculine, and the body/emotions in the realm of the feminine.  Each has their place and they must be in balance with each other.  Interesting that men in general tend to do their spiritual path more in the head than the body or heart, which is probably due to the distorted influence of the patriarchy that has been in control of the planet for thousands of years now. 

In the past, I did do psychic readings first as a part of a spiritual group that I was involved with in the 90’s and later as a shamanic practitioner.  It was very unsatisfying work for me, as I could see the distorted energy that needed to be healed while I was delivering the information in the reading.  Something told me that not only would the information that I was giving not be acted upon, but the healing work would not be pursued, either.  One can become a “reading” junkie, going either for many readings from the same practitioner, or going from practitioner to practitioner looking for answers.  Not that the information given isn’t valid in most cases, but what would keep the person continually seeking and depending on that outside source of information?  About 10 years ago, I stopped doing readings and concentrated on my healing practice, instead. 

So please, do not mistake intellectual satisfaction and the gathering of information as something that will further you on your path of healing and evolution.  The mind can really run away with the show, and is meant to be a tool and not the master.  The synthetic matrix would rather have the mind be your master, as it can be programmed and tricked, thus you are tricked in turn.  If you find yourself being overly mental with an issue, you can bet that you have lost your grounding connection into the center of the earth.  It is hard to listen to the inner guidance when the mind has taken over.  Take a moment to stop what you are doing and ground yourself.  Drain the excess mental energy down into the earth.  Then proceed with a clear head. 

The Peruvian shamans have a very useful saying.  It is “Can you grow corn with it?” In other words, will it provide for you and sustain you in the long run? These are very practical people who are intimately connected with our Pachamama, and do not waste their time with something that will not bear fruit.  There are nuggets of truth in most information that is out there.  Go for the nuggets.  Be discerning.  Take what will sustain your life and your spiritual path, and then act on that information. 

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