June 25, 2015

Angel Wings

Today I’d like to describe a very interesting QSH session that I did on a client a few days ago.  This is a person who has done a fair amount of work with me and is great to work with because he is intent on furthering his healing and spiritual evolution.  On top of that, he has a much better understanding of his own issues and internal workings than my average client.

Without getting into specifics, I will describe the segment of the session that really blew me away.  Early on during the hour of healing work, I was using my healing orb to dissolve patterns around his neck and shoulders.  First, there was a past life that was still generating an energetic yoke that was attached to the back of his neck and weighing down his shoulders.  In that lifetime, he was hauling bags or buckets of rocks that were hanging down from either side of this yoke.  It was very hard labor, and the body suffered. 

Next, there was a genetic pattern on the back of his neck inherited from a female ancestor who was very fearful of speaking up.  This was a very downtrodden woman whom I described as a 2nd class citizen with no rights of her own.  I think that we all have had something like this in our ancestry!

After the above two patterns were cleared, there was still quite a bit of heavy energy on each shoulder, much like football pads.  Most of the time, the orb just dissolves the heavy energy, but in this case, it was flinging it out and away from the etheric patterning of my client’s body.  This told me that he was carrying other people’s burdens on his shoulders, and this heavy energy was being sent back to its owners. 

Now, here is the interesting part of the session.  After this part of the clearing was done, a beautiful glowing white pair of energetic angel wings started to sprout and grow out of the upper back of my client’s body.  This is something that I had not seen before in any other client’s healing session. 

My first thought was that he needed these wings to fly, to rise above, or to move ahead in some fashion in his life.  That certainly fit in with the theme that we had been working on, not only for this session but as a continual undercurrent from many previous sessions.  But there was more to it than this.  I was curious as to the origin of his new wings.

I have to say that I have never encountered an angel, not that they do not exist in some realm.  My belief around this is that the members of the angelic kingdom are more like devas.  These are the beings that hold the consciousness of form.  This is their job, and they have no free will.  I feel that the beings that many people label as angels and describe as those who come to save them from some calamity are actually their Higher Self or another higher aspect of themselves.  Perhaps it is not yet their time to leave the earthly plane, and that aspect of self arrives to make sure that they survive to fulfill on their life contracts and do not exit prematurely.

What I tracked for this client was that there is a race of beings on another planet or dimension somewhere that look like our traditional view of angels.  These are not what I would call ET’s, either.  These beings would fall more into the category of dolphins or whales, who also have their own planets.   My client has an aspect on this angel planet, and that aspect came in and connected with him during the session to help him with a needed skill or ability.  For example, perhaps the people who are good at deep diving without an oxygen tank have assistance from their whale aspect! 

This reminds me of a client that I worked with some time back who was complaining that a big hairy man that she labeled an entity was putting her to sleep when she sat down, and physically bothering her at night in bed.  During her first session with me, it was clear that this was not an entity.  I saw the image of the hairy man in her auric field, and my sense was that it was an aspect of her that lived on what we called the hairy man planet.  I recommended that she make friends with it and try to get a message as to why it was bothering her.  She was not interested in that, and just wanted it gone.  That was not something that I could help her with. 

So now I have a client out there with angel wings.  Maybe this is a permanent manifestation, or just temporary.  The wings could have shown up just to help with a current situation.  This just goes to show that we are so much more than we think we are!  As we become more of the multidimensional beings that we truly are, we can also tap into the skills and abilities of our aspects that exist in other realities.


  1. Great post Carla. So good to read :)
    I'm sure he would let you know when he can fly!

  2. I look forward to hearing all about that ;)

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  4. I'd like to recommend a site I found online about energetic wings, because I got curious about the matter and just had to do some research. It turns out we all have those wings, not everyone has grown them though! And they are simply an extention of our spiritual self. It's a new consept for me, but a really exciting one! (And as of angels, they all exsist next to us, hidden but always present to protect us! :) they're beings, not our higher-self, but they surely bring comfort, love and courage! And occasionally leave signs and sometimes feathers! I wish you best of luck on your spiritual journey, and I hope you'll meet one of those amazing beings of light, there's nothing greater than such encounter!)