May 8, 2015

Your Inner Mother

The topic for this post has been tickling me for at least a week now, starting after I worked on several clients with related issues, and no doubt coming fully into my consciousness because Mother’s Day is this Sunday!  My mother passed in 2008, so I haven’t had any motherly obligations since then, and almost forgot about the impending holiday.  We are having our annual birding festival here in Cortez this week, and I will be going out on a bird tour on Sunday, so that is where I have been focused. 

It is routine for quite a few of my clients to receive post session homework involving embracing and nurturing either their inner child or inner baby.  The inner child holds all of our wounds and separation issues, and is an excellent tool for self evolution.  I have a very simple yet direct exercise in my book “Traversing the Infinite Now” on how to make contact with the child and heal these inner wounds.  The inner baby is what I call a foundational piece, as the vast majority of people have soul loss from a very early age, and thus a shaky foundation in life. 

Nurturing both the inner child and inner baby are essential to making and maintaining that all important inner connection with ourselves.  Without this, spiritual progress is next to impossible.  I encounter many people who are doing their spiritual work mainly through gathering information and doing rote exercises such as contract clearing and repeating affirmations.  Yet, when I work with them and get into their energy fields, they prove to be ungrounded and quite a mess energetically.  Progress cannot be made with the intellect alone while ignoring the workings of the inner self. 

I have come to realize that embracing, nurturing and healing the wounds of the inner baby and child takes a healthy and healed inner mother!  For a variety of reasons, this is an inner aspect that many people lack.

First of all, what are the qualities of a healthy and healed inner mother?  This is that part of us that loves us unconditionally, comforts us when we are in distress, helps to calm us down when we are afraid, and gives us the sense that no matter what, everything will turn out fine in the end.  From the connection to our inner mother, we gain confidence in knowing that we are always taken care of.  We also gain the ability to nurture ourselves and others.

When I work with a client, I can read the energy patterning of their inner aspects—mother/female, father/male, child, or baby in particular.  There are a number of reasons why someone would have minimal or no inner mother patterning.   If all goes well during birth, the mother imprints the baby with her mother/female patterning.  This may not happen if there are medical complications causing an interruption of the bonding process.  The patterning for the healthy inner mother can also be carried in the birth mother’s DNA, and some women just don’t have that, so there is no related genetic information that will transfer to the newborn baby. 

As the child gets older, there is also the issue of healthy modeling from mother.  Many mothers are not up to the task of raising children, and as many of you know, lots of distortions can creep into the mix.  Some of these may be mom’s issues with having too many children, not being supported financially, addictions or health issues, violence in the home, or her own distorted psychological dynamics.  Mom’s behaviors and reactions to her difficulties create distortions in her “Mother” archetype, and the children in the family react to these distortions, which in turn affects their own inner mother patterns.  I have seen clients actually reject their mother/feminine imprints as a reaction to mom’s own distortions. 

Most importantly, if there are issues or distortions with your inner mother, that is transferred to your connection with the soul and heart core of our Earth Mother, and the grounding process can be very difficult for you.  I also find that accessing and working with one’s inner mother may be more difficult for men in general or women who have not had children.  Not impossible, though!  Regardless of the current lifetime, we have all been mothers in past lives.  We can tap into those lifetimes or that genetic stream where the ideal mother did exist for us, and bring that imprinting forward. 

I suggest that on Sunday, Mother’s Day, it would be a great time to make contact with your inner mother and see what state she is in.  If she is less than supportive and embracing, you can call in the patterning of a healthier and healed version of her.  It helps to have some idea of what you would like to experience from her, too.  This may not be a onetime deal, so repeat as necessary.  Regularly feel the safe and secure womb like space that she provides.  Interesting that my feet are buzzing as I am writing this, which is the feeling that I get when I am intimately connected with the core of our Earth Mother.  After all, this is why she is called “Big Mama”! 

So on Sunday, take some time to honor your birth mother and in some cases adopted mother, your inner mother, and the mother of us all, our Earth.  Honor them all because in some fashion, they have given you the life that you have right now.  Without them, you would not exist. 

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