March 26, 2015

Advanced QSH

I will be teaching here in Cortez for the next 3 days, so no posts in the mean time.  This will be my first Advanced Quantum Sphere Healing workshop, as there have been enough students who have taken the beginning level QSH class who are now interested in delving into the deeper aspects of quantum healing.  A very intent and dedicated group will be attending, and I expect that most if not all will also take steps forward in their personal healing and evolution.  Myself included! 

We will also have a launching during class on Sunday afternoon, which should be interesting since only one other student has participated in that activity previously.  So, I am looking forward to a juicy and interesting time with my people.  If there is anything to report after the workshop is finished, I will do so.  Have a great weekend everyone! 


  1. Hi carla
    i have a problem with my heart chakra i cant feel the core of my being as if ut was torned from me

  2. Hi David--I suggest that you pursue some healing work if that feels right to you.