January 15, 2015

Closing A Door

This post is a continuation of the previous one entitled “Calling Back Your Parts”.  After working on my friend earlier this week, I realized that I had to go through the same process that I gave him for homework on my lingering connection with the Monroe Institute.  Hopefully, the way I went through the process will give a good example of how you can do the same. 

Between June of 2010 and November of 2013 I attended 8 workshops at TMI.  I can honestly say that I would not be where I am today either energetically or professionally if I had not taken those classes.  I am eternally grateful and will always hold my time there with mostly fond regard.  Unfortunately, my sojourn there ended on a very sour note and I will not be going back.  It is also important to note that in the time I was studying there, TMI had 4 different executive directors.  That fact figures prominently in the following story, which is the back story of how I created the Quantum Sphere Healing process. 

I won’t repeat how I actually created this amazing healing process, but you can read about it here.  In March of 2012, I took Skip Atwater’s workshop entitled Explorer Imperative, which featured the SAM™ Technology (Spatial Angle Modulation™).  I was blown away, and can honestly say that this was probably the best class that I had taken at TMI up to that point.  When I got home, I got right to work and created the QSH course exclusively for TMI.  It was clear that they would need a follow up workshop that used the SAM™ Technology. 

So this is where the goofiness started.  I pitched the course to Skip who immediately passed me along to the director at the time, Carol.   I e-mailed the course outline, mailed it snail mail, and finally got to talk to her in person that July.  She was very excited about the course, but informed me that the SAM™ Technology needed more work and all classes using it were being suspended.  She would let me know as things progressed.  Skip Atwater also retired several months after that. 

OK, I thought.  I would proceed on my own, not being willing to wait and let this amazing process die on the vine.  I reworked the course outline for a 3 day class instead of TMI’s 6 day format and started teaching it.  I also solicited from my client base at the time people who were willing to fill out a survey on their results after trying out the QSH.  Except for 1 or 2 clients, all were extremely satisfied with the healing work.  So I knew that it worked. 

Fast forward a year later to July of 2013.  The director that I had pitched the class to died unexpectedly.  Quite a tragedy for TMI, as Carol was a well loved individual.  One of the board members at the time, Walter, stepped up to take the director’s job.  I was going to be at TMI that September to take a workshop, and even though I didn’t have any hope that they would pick up the class at that point, I thought I’d pitch it to the new director anyway.  Wow!  Big surprise here, as Walter was so much more than enthusiastic about bringing QSH to the Institute.  As it turned out in retrospect, his enthusiasm was for me, and not the course, if you know what I mean. 

I did not want his personal feelings for me to get in the way of this project, so shortly after I got home, I used the QSH process to do a person to person karma clearing between us.  It worked in a backwards sort of way.  His enthusiasm for me went away, and at the same time, it seemed to wane for the course, too.  Nevertheless, I went back to TMI in November of 2013 to take the updated version of the Explorer Imperative class, pitched the course to Bob, who had taken over Skip’s job, and we were off and running.  We were talking contracts, sound tracks, voice overs, and which of the trainers would be a good pairing for assisting me with the sound technology during the workshops.  If you were one of my “test” subjects for the QSH surveys, you might remember receiving an e-mail from around that time me thanking you for your contribution to this whole effort.  Walter had even announced the new QSH workshop the 2 classes that I took that fall. 

Unfortunately, my favorite TMI facilitator started giving me a really hard time about teaching there, and attempted to drag other facilitators into that drama.  I think that I had unwittingly gotten involved in some complaints that she had about the way that Walter was running things.  The final straw was when Walter suddenly quit as director right after Thanksgiving.  A year ago, I pitched the course for a 5th time to the new director, but there was no follow up on her part, so the whole thing was dropped. 

Enough waa waa waa!  After working with my friend this week, I realized that I had to go through the “Calling Back Your Parts” exercise on my own self!  It has been a year since that last pitch, and I was still wondering how my life would be right now if everything had gone as planned.  Of course, this past year has been wonderful, and I wouldn’t change a thing, but I realized that a major clean up was in order. 

I called back any aspect of myself related to each specific workshop that I had taken, every facilitator, especially from the one whom I had admired so much and had given me such a hard time, all the students in those workshops, the buildings where the workshops had taken place, the wonderful countryside around TMI and all of the hiking that I had done in the area, the food, the dining rooms and even the airport in Charlottesville!  Add to that all of the directors, Skip, the office staff, and any other related person that I met while there.  Sometimes you just don’t realize the extent of the entanglement until you get right down to working on it.  I had also been thinking about writing about this entanglement for the past several months, as a sort of closure process, but just didn’t know how to approach it until now. 

In spite of this long winded story, I hope that you can take away the basics of the calling yourself back process.  Perhaps you have been entangled in a similar situation from your past that you would like to clean up.  The key here is if you are still thinking about the “what if’s” of your former involvement.  Do you yearn for something that you didn’t get?  Do anniversary’s come and go with memories of the past?  Do you feel that you lost a part of yourself to a certain group?  Whatever your former situation, you can call your parts back and be more present in your now moment as of today.  Go for it! 

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