October 12, 2014

A Message

This afternoon, I felt very strongly that i needed to sit down and receive a message for today's post.  The best way for me to do this has always been to sit in my healing room, put on my headphones to listen to the Hemi-Sync Meditation CD and go through the "Meet Your Personal Guide" exercise from my book, "Traversing the Infinite Now".  Both the book and the CD are available here

The question that came to mind was "What information would be of the greatest benefit for people to receive in this post today?"  This is what came through:

Have faith and trust that all will work out in the best possible way for you.
The future has already happened and you have already attained your highest destiny.
Bring that future attainment into your life in each NOW moment. 
See it, sense it, feel it.
Be it NOW.  Live it NOW. 
Expand your essence into that which is your deepest heart's desire.
Settle into that energy and be comforted.
Re-member who you are. 

Sounds simple, doesn't it?  Nevertheless, how many of you can feel and embody your highest destiny down to your bones?  Even if you do not know exactly what that destiny is, you can ask to receive the feelings and emotions of it.   Allow your cellular memory to be imprinted with those feelings and emotions.   Sit with it for a while.  Do your best to walk through your day with that energy.  Repeat this exercise as necessary.  Re-member your glory! 

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