July 20, 2014

Just Bee

This time of year in the mountains here in southwest Colorado, the wildflowers are in full bloom in the higher elevations.  Yesterday, I went hiking on one of my favorite trails up to the alpine zone.  No small feat, as the trailhead starts around 10,000’ and the alpine zone is around 12,000’.  Quite a haul but very much worth it. 

Most of the rock up there is shale.  On the top of a high spot, though, there is a special place where there is an eroded pile of sandstone boulders that surround a depression in the ground.  This not only creates a nice cozy windbreak away from the almost constant winds, but is also the home for a glorious floral display.  We humans are not the only ones who make use of that sheltering place! 

After wandering around the alpine tundra to see what I could find, I settled into that special place to have a snack and meditate for a bit.  My attention was momentarily distracted by a bee that was busily probing a flower near me.  How wonderful to be able to thrive at this elevation, I thought! 

I returned to silence and then asked for a message or some advice.  What came through was “just be”.  In the flash of a second I realized that my message was mirrored by that bee that had been near me just a few minutes ago.  Thank you bee! 

Just being is something that we all forget to do, as life can be so busy and the distractions are many.  I do not mean that you stop everything and sit in a chair for hours on end, either.  Being is a very feminine and receptive state and is the best place to be in to receive guidance.  It also means that we honor and embrace who we are without having the need to DO anything about it. 

On the other hand, we would be pretty non-effective in the world if we just stayed in our being state without adding the doing.  The Peruvian shamans always say that being comes first.  Our Earth Mother Pachamama is the foundation for all.  She represents the Divine Feminine principle and our being intuitive nature.  From her springs the sacred mountains, or the Apus.  These represent the Divine Masculine principle.   The snow that falls on the Apus then melts and flows down to nurture the Pachamama and her kingdoms. The resulting moisture then goes up into the atmosphere and snows on the Apus once again. 

You can see that these 2 principles are hand in hand in cooperation with each other, but the feminine being always comes before the masculine doing.  If one jumps in and starts the doing without the foundation of the intuitive being supporting it, the effort goes nowhere.  All doing should be a result of receiving guidance ahead of time. 

So take time each day to just be.  Receive guidance on where you should be going with your life. Honor who and where you are and then move forward from that place.    

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