January 2, 2014


The energy of death has been very present for the last several weeks or so both on my mind and in the actuality of impending and recent deaths I have heard about from friends and loved ones.  Out of my 4 grandparents and 2 parents, 5 out of 6 passed over during the December through March time frame, so those memories always come up this time of year.  My aunt’s sister just passed on Christmas Eve, too. 

On a larger scale, as humanity gets ready for the impending big transition, it can feel to some that they are getting ready to die.   That is a natural reaction since the heavy aspects of our natures must come to balance, transform or drop away.

Fear of the unknown can come up at this time, too.  A new friend asked me yesterday if journeying into the higher dimensions was fearful for me.  I replied that no it wasn’t because existing in those realms is more of our natural state than being in a body is.  We also have a continuous connection in spirit from here in physicality all the way up to Source, so traveling through all of those realms can facilitate the meeting with some of our various aspects along the way. 

Tremendous fear can come up for those who know that they will be passing over soon, mainly because they have no experience of what lies beyond the physical.  The main purpose of our launching group is to map out the journey one will take upon death so that it becomes very familiar territory.  One will then ideally become very comfortable with the journey beyond the body and not be fearful when the time comes. 

Shamanic journeying serves the same purpose, as the shaman is the one who “walks between the worlds of spirit and matter” in service to humanity.  Shamanic practitioners are used to traveling in those realms, and thus have no fear regarding death.  They are also trained in the death rite process to be able to assist people who are in the process of passing or even after the death has occurred.

If you are one of those who have a loved one who is getting ready to transition, being at the bedside during that time can be an interesting experience if you have the calmness of mind and emotions to observe what may happen there.  Reports abound of people who have already passed appearing to the dying, as the veil between this world and the next is very at this at point. They can come through to be seen or even spoken to.  Many observers have also reported seeing the portal of light open up and the spirit of the newly deceased float out of the body and through to the light.  All in the room get a dose of higher dimensional energy when this happens and some describe a sense of peace or even euphoria. 

Going from the microcosm of our individual death to the macrocosm of the transitioning of our Earth Mother to her higher state of being, will we see the manifestation of what I have just described on a much larger scale?  That would be truly extraordinary.  Perhaps right before that time certain signs will be visible.  Keep your eyes peeled just in case.  I like to think that some sort of event will herald the start of the changes for the earth.  Also, in case you haven’t heard, we will be passing through the debris from comet ISON around January 12th.  This may be a big deal or nothing at all.  Keep your eyes on the night sky to see what happens. 

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