November 7, 2013

Time Warping

So sorry that I haven’t posted anything for a number of days.  My computer was on the fritz and it was being “disinfected” from whatever ailed it.  The local computer guys did a great job and I am back in business. 

Now, I am packing to go back to the Monroe Institute tomorrow for a 6 day workshop entitled Conscious Presence.  This class uses the newest version of the SAM technology (Spatial Angle Modulation™), which is what I will be using for the Quantum Sphere Healing.  I hadn’t intended on going back so soon since I had just been there 2 months ago, but this is a necessary step towards starting the creation of the QSH for Monroe.  There will probably be no posts now for a week or so. 

Without a working computer for the last few days, I was able to get everything ready for my trip with time to spare.  Since we have a gorgeous sunny day here, I went for a hike on one of my favorite trails this morning.  This is when the time warping began.  I found myself loosing track of time and where I was on the trail repeatedly.  It was a dreamy experience and quite pleasant.  As I write this, the memory of this morning is rapidly fading away.   It’s as if I was never there. 

Either there is something energetic going on with the planet or that part of me that is beyond time and space is already tuning into the upcoming week when I will spend a good deal of time in an altered state of consciousness.  Or it could be both.  Perhaps some of you are experiencing the same thing. 

As if that wasn’t strange enough, I had a bizarre encounter with my neighbor’s cat Bubba when I got home.  Bubba is a very lanky and good looking tuxedo cat, although he looked more brown than black today since he had been rolling in the dirt.  The whole 4 years since my neighbor moved in with Bubba (and an assortment of dogs, horses, goats, and other cats), he always ran like you know what whenever he saw me.  Today, when I went outside to throw out some garbage, I heard loud meowing coming from behind the dumpster.  There was Bubba, looking straight at me and trying to have a conversion, so I meowed back. 

The cat conversation continued for a bit along with more dirt bathing on his part when Bubba decided to come closer.  He jumped on my wood pile, and then on top of the dumpster where I was leaning my arm.  All very uncharacteristic of him.  Considering his prior behavior, I thought that he was moving in for the kill.  Instead, Bubba started rubbing on my arm, then my head, and eventually climbed onto my shoulders.  My cat doesn’t even do that!  All the while, I was rubbing him in return and the cat conversation continued.  I would have rubbed him more, but he was covered in dust and I was getting dusty, too.    I got a dirty look from my cat Josie after she smelled me when I went back into the house.  Is it possible for a human to cheat on their cat with another cat?   Bubba is her boyfriend only through the glass of the sliding door. 

How does this event fit into the time warping?  It must somehow, as when one is in a time warping mode, may unusual and bizarre events can happen.   Co-existing time lines can merge, scramble and then separate.  The best rule of thumb is to expect the unexpected.  As the energies continue to shift and accelerate on planet Earth, time warping may become the norm and we will have to just go with it.  Maybe that was what Bubba was doing today.  Maybe I shape shifted into a large attractive cat in his eyes.  Or he flipped into a reality where he has always been my friend.  Maybe he is dumping Josie for me.  Time will tell. 

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