November 21, 2013


Can you imagine a world where all of our needs were provided for just by manifesting those needed foods or items directly out of the surrounding ethers?  What if we could purify the air and water simply by reinstating the patterning of perfection?  And, how would one go about doing this?  During one of the exercises in class at TMI last week I received some insights on this.

It is all pretty simple, but I was trying to make this process more complicated and left brained than it had to be.  So, to make something, you need a plan or a pattern, or in this case, an energetic template of the item that you are trying to manifest.  Where I always got hung up was at the very start of personally creating that pattern.  My mind just couldn’t wrap itself around that task without getting pretty frustrated. 

If you go back to my post on the Great Emitter, you will find the clue there.  As I had discovered, everyone has an aspect of themselves that is the Creator of our Universe.  This being holds the patterns for everything that has been manifested on all levels of reality in this creation, including the original templates for everything that we need for our lives here.   All that we need to do is call in the desired template.  We never need to create it from scratch. 

What would this process look like?  First, one would energetically connect to the part of themselves that is the Universal Creator and call in or invoke the desired template.  Then, one would call in or magnetize to that template whatever was needed to make it a physical reality. During class I had an interesting image of holding out my hand and then watching subatomic particles stream into the space above my palm to eventually take the shape of an apple.  All the while, I was feeling the strong energy of gratitude and appreciation.  These emotions seemed to provide fuel for the manifestation process.

One also has to be of a high enough vibrational level to attune to the vibration of the Universal Creator, perhaps even just for the time of the manifesting process.  Certainly there have been saints and sages throughout history who have been able to do this on occasion.  

There have been many movements and organizations focused on cleaning up the environment and providing clean water and enough food for people to eat.  Many billions have been raised for these causes and there has been much progress in these areas here and there.  I don’t know about you, but I always prefer the easiest and shortest means to the end.  There has to be an easier and quicker way to bring back our paradise on earth.  Maybe this is it.

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