November 25, 2013


Just a while ago, I experienced a phenomenon that shows up every once in a while in the area where I live in SW Colorado.  I had just stepped out of my house to take a walk after being stuck inside for 5 cloudy days of rain and snow when I heard it.  The loud drone of a helicopter.  It wasn’t just one of any kind of helicopter. There were 2 black ops choppers flying low over my house.  For anyone who is unfamiliar with these, they are, I assume, military, all black and without any markings on them whatsoever.  Very creepy.

The closest military bases to Cortez are in northern New Mexico.  We also have here many thousands of acres of BLM, National Forest, and National Park land in addition to the Ute Mountain Ute and Navajo Indian Reservations, so a secret base could be anywhere.  I find it hard to believe that these helicopters would fly here from far away just to cruise the neighborhood!

Over a year ago, I was hiking on a trail west of town in the canyon lands when I heard that same ominous sound heading towards me.  The black helicopter appeared, flying very loud and low, hovered for a bit, and then turned to go back up the trail and out of sight.  Whew!!!

A few minutes later, it returned.  EEEEK!!!  I went to stand under one of the few trees on this particular trail as I wasn’t feeling too comfortable at this point.  The helicopter came back around, stopped and hovered over the deeper part of the canyon.  It was parallel to my line of sight and very close, close enough for me to see the pilot.  As you can imagine, I was working out an escape plan in my mind just in case it landed and nabbed me. 

Apparently, that was not the plan, and after a few minutes it flew down trail towards the parking lot, perhaps to photograph all of the license plates on the cars of the hikers on the trail that day.  At least in my mind that was what came up. I continued up the trail only to run into two guys who had also been examined by the helicopter before it came back around to me.  What this was all about, I haven’t a clue. 

 A week after this incident, I saw 3 of these black ops helicopters flying slowly in formation right over Cortez, coming from the southwest and Ute Mountain and going to the northeast and the BLM and National Forest lands.  What they are doing here, we may never know.  Is this going on in other areas of the country?  Probably so.  Does this creep you out, too? 


  1. Weird you post this Carla; last night I was out so my husband gave our 16 month daughter a bath and he recounted that all of a sudden, there was a helicopter flying quite low over the house and the lights of it were visible from the window. Our daughter, who normally loves all things that fly in the sky, got quite panicked and wanted out of the tub immediately. We live close to a 400 series highway (outside of Toronto, in Ontario) so it may have been a medical helicopter heading to an accident scene but I have certainly seen black helicopters flying overhead often. I always figured they were corporate charters but who knows?

  2. Great feedback, Alana. Good to keep our eyes on the sky.