October 17, 2013


So here is the solution to physical health and emotional well being for all of you un-bonded adults out there.  It is a simple solution, but for many, very hard to achieve.  One must start from day one as if you were a newborn and recreate the bonding process.  This is a very intense inner process that takes persistence, and I think that many people give up on it because they may not see the benefit, or they just get tired of doing it.

This re-bonding process can be done in several ways.  In a meditative state, one can journey deep inside the body into the womb or root area and visualize an encounter with their inner baby.  We all have many shadow aspects  of ourselves that take on different persona and the traumas of those persona.  The inner baby is one of these.  Your job is to imagine and feel yourself holding the baby, embracing the baby and telling the baby that you love him or her and will do whatever it takes to nurture and protect him or her.  This should be done every day at least a few times.  You should feel the emotions welling up inside of you as you do this.  By doing this, you are going back in time to your own birth and recreating the bonding that you never had with your own mother. 

If the inner journey does not work for you, I recommend that you go out and buy a cheap baby doll and do this exercise as if you were holding a real baby (your inner baby).  For some people, using a physical representation of the baby instead of visualizing an inner one might be more effective.  Either way, you are playing “mother” to your baby self and creating from scratch something that you and your mother never had. 

With both methods, the key to gradually and steadily building up the bonding is the amount of emotion that you put into it.  If you do this just as a visualization or mental exercise, it won’t work.  You must vow to love and care for yourself in the form of that inner baby more than anyone in the world could ever do.  Feel your emotions as you do this, and also feel your response as you receive these emotions from yourself.  This is the power of a mother’s love.  From this place as an adult you will be creating and embodying self love, self esteem, self respect and inner self support.  These qualities and more are vital for your physical, psychological and spiritual health and longevity.  No one can give them to you. 

You will know that you are making progress when you find yourself gradually ceasing the search for external support and acknowledgement.  Your connection to the heart of the Earth Mother will become more real and supportive.  You will feel more comfortable in your body.  Life will improve in every way.  As I have already said, this is not an easy process, but the rewards are huge. 

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