August 26, 2013

Chakra Removal Fears

Since I posted the information on the chakras, what they are and how to remove them, I have gotten lots of feedback, not all of which has been left as a comment on the blog.  If you did not get a chance to read the original posts, they can be found at The Chakra System, Chakra Removal and Chakra Extras.  I’d like to cover some of the additional information and feedback that has come my way since those original writings.  After you read this, I welcome any comments you may have, either below this post or directly to me at 

Last week, while having a conversation with a friend about the whole chakra matter, he admitted that he was afraid to remove them.  I suspect that this is a concern for many and that they don’t feel free to express that concern.  Instead, I get all sorts of reasons why the chakras should not be removed.  Rest assured, you will not die if you don’t have your chakras.  I and many others are living proof of that!  Yet, I have gotten some pretty interesting rationales as to why we need to keep them.  When the status quo programming is confronted, some can go into fear.  Then instead of moving forward, one tends back track into the “known”, even if it may not be true or may not have worked for them in the past. 

The commonly held theory is that the chakras are drawing in energy or chi from the surroundings, and that the body needs that energy for sustenance.  When I was in my shamanic training, we were taught that the normal motion for a chakra was a clockwise spin, which is the intake mode.  If the chakra was spinning counterclockwise, it was losing energy.  Two people I have spoken to feel that the chakras are actually spinning counterclockwise, and that they are creating external reality by drawing higher dimension energy from their own energy field and projecting it outwards.  If the chakras are strictly a 4th dimensional construct as I believe, they cannot access a person’s higher dimensional energy fields to do this. The light that some perceive when looking at the chakras in the body is actually created via the opening into the 4th dimensional field of the person, and is a polarized 4D light, not the unified 5D light. 

Here is one scenario that may have happened as we entered the great arena of the 4th dimension.  As 5th dimensional beings, we were one with our Higher Selves and took the form of a unified field of higher dimensional light.  We decided to extend ourselves into the lower dimensions for our experience and learning.  As we did this, our unified field naturally and normally diffused into a field of energy consisting of all of the colors of the rainbow, much like sending a beam of light through a prism.  As I feel into the sensation of this, it actually feels quite wonderful.  Imagine what it would be like to live like the aurora borealis, shifting and flowing through the vibrational range of all of those colors.  Could this be the fabled rainbow body?

When we first entered human form, we still had that rainbow body intact.  This was our “Garden of Eden” stage.  At some point, we entered into an agreement with the synthetic realities to further experience lack and limitation as part of our experience here. This is the story of Eve, the serpent and the apple.  Remember that there are no victims, coincidences or accidents!  That is when the chakra system as we know it was installed.  Instead of the nice flow between the vibrations and colors, we now have a segmented system which was designed to keep us internally separated and without any flow between the various chakras. 

Whatever your theory of the chakra system may be, I am convinced that it exists wholly in polarity in the 4th dimension.  Since polarity consists of the whole range from positive energy to negative, there has also been a benefit from having chakras in addition to their restrictive programming.  Each chakra has its own realm of issues, emotions, physical body parts, etc, so that working with a particular chakra enables one to clear their 4th dimensional imprints specifically related to that chakra.  In my shamanic healing work, I still address the issues that the client has related to the chakra system if that person has their chakras.  The chakras are gravity wells that draw in houcha, or heavy energy, according to a person’s imprints, and some people can need quite a bit of work in that arena before we move on to the Quantum Sphere Healing. 

On the other hand, one can loop through the issues that the chakra system presents and never get off of that track!  Just look at the figure 8 that commonly represents infinity.  Try this.  Draw out a large figure 8 on a piece of paper.  Put your finger on that line and trace it around.  And around and around!  Where are you going?  Nowhere!!!  That symbol represents a synthetic reality version of infinity designed to keep you looping and trapped.  It is the same for the chakra system. 

I do understand that change is frightening for a lot of people.  In the extreme, it can feel like death or annihilation for some.  On the other hand, you are here for a reason, and I would suspect that if you are reading this, you are on that path of evolution and ascension.  In shamanic terms, we use the concept of “back doors”.  A back door is what you go through if you are resisting moving forward into the unknown.  You may prefer to go back to something that is familiar to you, does not generate fear, but may not have worked very well in the past either. To truly move forward, those back doors must be closed.

The synthetic reality programming that we are all subject to uses fear to keep one in that system.  It can take courage and fortitude to break out of that box and move forward into what we perceive as the unknown.  It can also be as easy or as hard as one wants to make it.  I prefer easy, and so I just go for it without resisting to the best of my ability and according to where I am right now.

Chakra removal is a personal choice, and you will know it is the right time for you when you are ready.  Not everyone will exit the 3D/4D arena this time around as they may need more experience with lack and limitation.  For myself, I am through with it, and I am here to support those who feel the same.  Use your body’s barometer to really feel into what I have written here.  Feel the expanded core essence of your unified 5D energy field.  Then feel the restricted and segmented energy of your chakra system, if you still have one.  I leave the rest to you. 


  1. For those of you who know what an Enigma Bio-Feedback machine/device is, after a weekend of multiple anomalies while visiting a friend I asked her to use it to check the status of my chakras. She was well aware of how I removed mine as I have shared earlier in this blog. First she said the device was having a hard time finding my solar plexus and third eye...but then after awhile it said 'they were now in balance' did it put them back in??

    Then she showed me the animation of my body on the screen and it's energy field/aura and said look at that. I said I do not know what I am looking at although I am aware of aura colors etc I have not ever seen my own or anyone else's so I had nothing to compare it to. It was very big and bright green no dark spots or other colors, she said she had never seen that before. Then she said look at this.. there was a bright white light emanating from my solar plexus area shooting out in all directions and all I could relate it to was how I now do exactly this almost every day as per George K's instructions. I try to fill the holes left by removing my chakras with it.

    She then pointed out that I also had a double body image with a transparent 'giant' body over mine about 2 ft above me with legs extending about a foot below me. I didn't see it until she pointed it out. I immediately thought it was the woman who revealed herself to me during many vision quests and 5D experiences and who George shared his thoughts on who he thought she was...which changed my life.

    He had mentioned that we are not ascending 'upwards' to our higher selves but they are merging down here with us. Ever since then I have been on a roller coaster ride of long dreamed of goals rushing into my life without thought or preparation which is more evidence for me that the chakra system blocks all organic movement and flow! Thank you for your blog Carla my friend Alana and I enjoy it very much.

  2. Thank you for your wonderful feedback! Every experience that is shared adds to the knowledge base of the whole, and everyone will perceive their experience with the chakra removal from their own personal standpoint. I have also had experience with a giant energy double that floats a few feet behind and above me, and feel that it is my Higher Self looking out for me and also in the process of merging with me. The back of the heart area of the body is considered the Seat of the Soul, so perhaps that is where the merge will take place. We also now know that what is being referred to is most likely the place where the Core Essence is located.

  3. I even start crying, after reading this post!And it makes me wonder, why have i never seen this before?! hahaha ;)
    Thank you Carla you are here.
    Two Kisses ;)