March 25, 2013

March Launch

The Launchers got together yesterday, and even though the launches themselves were spectacular, I’d like to write about our post launch discussion topic, relationships.

I don’t quite know how we got into that one, but it was a great discussion.  I think I started it off by bringing up the “like attracts like” theme in relation to how we gather with other consciousnesses of like vibration as we create larger and larger conglomerates of energy when we evolve back to our Source. This was actually what I experienced during my launch. Then, the question came up whether this applies to relationships, and I said, always, yes, and that opposites do not attract. 

This is where it gets tricky, as it can appear as if opposites do attract.  A working knowledge of shadow dynamics is helpful to understand this.  No matter how different a couple appears to be, there is always a like attracts like theme there somewhere that draws the people together.  Most often, if you examine a specific aspect that one member of the couple displays consciously, the other will have that aspect hidden in their shadow, or unconscious.  A very typical and obvious example is the issue of caretaking.  If one person needs to be taken care of in any aspect of their life, they will most likely attract a partner who gets gratification in doing the caretaking.  In actuality, the person who is the caretaker has the need to be taken care of buried deep in their shadow, and is projecting it onto another person, hence the like attracts like of neediness. 

We humans are designed to gravitate to partners that we have karma, or unfinished business with.  The stronger the attraction, the heavier the karma that is to be resolved.  This is actually a good thing, as this gives us a very valuable tool for our own evolution through the mirroring and triggering of emotions that happens in partnership.  The ideal is that both people work with this tool consciously so that they both can evolve.  The down side is that most of the karma is in shadow, as it would be if past lives are involved, so good communication and holding each other in a space of love and appreciation is necessary.  We then can come to a place of either divine union or a parting of the ways once the karma is completed. 

This process can of course be done unilaterally in a relationship, as the other party is not required to process anything if they do not want to.  Then, we may have the situation where one grows out of the partnership, and usually leaves.  If on the other hand, the evolving person cannot leave for some reason, things can start to go back downhill for them.  I have also seen cases where the person with the lower vibration starts to become increasingly disturbed because the other’s higher vibration is no longer harmonious for them. 
What is the alternative?  Unfortunately, the perpetuating of dysfunction in relationships is all too common nowadays.  There are lots of expectations and attachments. Compromising and accommodating with self and the other means that no one can be authentic.  Certainly, a couple can put a lot of energy into not rocking the boat of the relationship, but that can also involve a lot of denial and the missed opportunity for growth. 

We live in a 4th dimensional system where polarity rules.  This system of unconscious vs. conscious, good vs. bad, hidden vs. obvious, like vs. dislike, will always be here.  We can use this to our advantage to help us to come to awareness and balance, and thus transcend the issues that we came here to work through.  The end result is that we will merge with others of like vibration as we evolve into the higher dimensions.  Isn’t this what you are really yearning for? 

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