January 25, 2013


I had intended to write about a few of the sacred sites in the UK, but got waylaid last night by a question from one of the Launchers.  She has been experiencing the flow of energy from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy through her body and into the center of the Earth Mother. She also asked about any changes to the grid patterns of the planet. 

I put on one of my favorite sound tracks and drifted into the gamma brain wave state.  I found myself hovering above the earth looking down at the grid that surrounds her.  This grid is far above the earth’s surface, and I have seen it many times before.  As opposed to the somewhat random arrangement of the ley lines, this grid does look like longitude and latitude but with many more lines in it.  It is not the etheric field of the planet, as that would be much closer to the surface.  Possibly, this is the border between the earth’s 4th and 5th dimensional energy fields.  Humans have this, too, and it is called the border of the Luminous Energy Field.

The grid was glowing more than normally, and also morphing, twisting, bunching up and then spreading back out. It was quite alive as it appeared to dissolve a bit before reconstituting itself.  I believe that this action is being driven by the energy that is coming from the sun, and may also be what is driving the more frequent volcanic activity, earthquakes, and odd weather patterns.  We have had some pretty dynamic CMEs lately. 

If this is happening to our Earth mother, it is happening to our bodies, too.  Keep to your positive intent, as when the energy around you shifts and then re-forms your intent will help create the new patterning.  Get plenty of rest and exercise, and drink lots of water.  Listen to your inner guidance as to what else your body might need.  Like some chocolate, perhaps? 

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